So Excited For Aston Merrygold’s New Single

I am getting so excited for Aston Merrygold to officially release his brand new single ‘I Ain’t Missing You’.

The fact that he has been performing the new track live for a while and has now completed filming the official music video makes me hope that we will be able to officially download the brilliant track soon.

I am in love with his vocals and think he has everything he needs to make it as a successful solo star. To be honest I was never a big fan of JLS but I am huge fan of Aston’s solo music and loved his debut single ‘Get Stupid’.

It’s just a shame that his first solo album ‘Showstopper’ got pushed back because I was absolutely buzzing to hear it.

I’ve heard him performing ‘I Ain’t Missing You’ on YouTube and I really like the sound he has gone for on the new single! It has less of a dance/RnB vibe than ‘Get Stupid’ but there is enough funk in there for a dance breakdown from Aston.

I can’t wait to hear an actual studio version of the song and the fact that he is performing the song on the Xtra Factor tonight (September 4th) means we will officially have a brilliant audio version of the brilliant track. Hopefully it also means that an official release is just around the corner.

I sincerely hope that Aston gets supported by radio and gets lots of promotion as he truly deserves to be the next big thing.

If you have any new music tips for me please leave a comment below.