Celebrating 22 Years of ‘The Woman In Me’

I seriously cannot believe it has been 22 years since Shania Twain released her huge worldwide hit album ‘The Woman In Me’. I was one week away from my very 1st birthday when the LP was released! So crazy that I am now a loyal and dedicated fan of Shania’s.

‘The Woman In Me’ was Twain’s second album and her breakout hit. It transcended from country into pop/rock and broke down every barrier put in place.

If this album was not created by Shania and then husband Robert ‘Mutt’ Lange so many country/pop artists such as Taylor Swift would not have been given the time to create real music that is timeless.

With this album Shania Twain proved that you don’t need to pigeon hole your music into one specific music genre to be a success. To become a true icon you need to stay true to what you love and in the end you will create magic.

And magic is what Shania created with this timeless collection of hits; songs such ‘Any Man Of Mine’, and ‘Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under’ still resonate with listeners now.

Shania Twain is a true legend of music.

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Celebrating 17 Years Since Shania Twain’s ‘Come On Over’ Album Was Number 1 in the UK

On this day 17 years ago music changed forever in my opinion. Shania Twain was sitting pretty at the top of the UK album chart with her record breaking third studio LP ‘Come On Over’! And for me that is when country music became mainstream.

The fact that a Canadian country music star was number 1 in the UK meant that the genre was finally being celebrated all over the world and especially right here in Britain.

This particular album from Shania was groundbreaking and broke down barriers as it crossed multiple genres while still being able to call itself country! The LP still remains the best selling album by a female artist ever (wow) and it is still a timeless classic.

In fact this LP is so timeless that it could be released today and not feel dated in the slightest, the music has moved with the times and stayed relevant, for me that is a sign of perfect music.

I am so grateful for artists like Shania Twain who were not afraid to push the boundaries of what was deemed “acceptable” for country artists to do, and without her I don’t think artists like Taylor Swift or Ward Thomas would be given the freedom to cross the genres as freely as they do now.

The fact is Shania Twain made country music accessible to the masses and reminded everyone that we don’t need to pigeon hole ourselves by only listening to one style of music. Music is fun and all genres and styles can be enjoyed by everybody.

‘Come On Over’ to me is the album that changed everything for country music and for that I will forever be thankful to Shania Twain!

Just look at how the genre has come along, a UK country act is currently number 1 on the album charts, (I never thought I’d see the day) Ward Thomas like Shania before them are breaking records and breaking barriers with their music. They are proving that pop fans, RnB fans, etc, can all enjoy country music.

You don’t have to be from Nashville to enjoy this particular style of music. The genre is all about storytelling and at the end of the day any song from any genre that tells a great story is going to stand the test of time! Great music is great music.

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