Fleur East Needs to Drop Her Second Album Soon

I cannot wait for 2014 X Factor runner-up Fleur East to release her second album.

I absolutely loved her debut release ‘Love, Sax and Flashbacks’ (‘Sax’ was such a tune) but it’s been almost one year exactly since the LP dropped and there has been no sign of any new music from Fleur.

I know she has been busy promoting her music over in America and has also launched a clothing line, but I think we are due a new single at the very least in the very near future.

I really hope Simon Cowell’s record label ‘Syco’ give her a lot of time and promote her correctly as her talent is insane and I believe if she is promoted correctly she could be the UK’s answer to Beyonce.

I just love how energetic she is and how much time and effort she puts into her records! I’m hoping she will also tour soon.

I always feel that Simon Cowell allows too much time between a debut release and a sophomore follow up, I think he allows too much time to pass without any live performances, magazine interviews and more importantly without any new music. He just seems to move onto the next artist and leaves his last signing behind.

I hope that this is not the case with Fleur as she deserves to have a very long and successful career.

I sincerely hope that she will explode back onto the music scene in the near future with another huge hit and be around for many years to come.

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So Happy Reggie ‘N’ Bollie Are Back in the Studio

I totally fell in love with Reggie ‘N’ Bollie when they were on the X Factor last year and their debut single ‘New Girl’ was my song of the summer!

So I am so happy and excited that they are officially back in the recording studio working on a follow up to their first record and on their debut album which is due for release later this year (too excited).

Not only are they super talented, they are also the nicest guys ever. I love their energy and positive outlook on life, they are a breath of fresh air to the music industry and I am so proud to be supporting them on their incredible journey.

I am so excited to hear their first album especially as they are planning to record a collaboration with Cheryl (who is my absolute fave, ever) and I know that that particular track will be an absolute banger.

I also hear that they have collabs with Craig David and Fuse ODG in the pipe line! Which would be insane.

They truly deserve every little bit of success that comes their way and I cannot wait to jam out to more of their fantastic RnB bangers.

I just hope Simon Cowell’s label Syco invests lots of time and energy into them and allow them to continue to make the music that they are great at. ‘New Girl’ was the perfect song for them and we need more crackers like that.

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