Hoping Cheryl and Craig David Collaborate Soon

Cheryl is without doubt my favourite artist (I just love her) and I cannot wait for her new album to come out! Her 2014 LP ‘Only Human’ was so inspiring and was actually the reason I got into journalism. I just felt so inspired to follow my dreams after listening to the record (thank you, Cheryl).

Anyway, I always love that she is never afraid to work with people outside of the box (think Dizee Rascal, Tinie Tempah) these are not the kind of artists you would usually associate with a pop star  but they always turn out fantastic and show another side of her musical abilities.

So I was really stoked to see that Craig David is very keen to work with her on any new music (I’m not a big fan of Craig’s music but I think they would work really well together).

After they met on the X Factor last year I understand they have struck up quite a close bond and you can see there is mutual respect there for each others talents.

I just know if they worked together on a grime or garage track it would be such a tune! Plus it would be a huge curve-ball to see Cheryl experimenting with such a different music style from her usual pop/RnB sound.

But I truly believe that she can sing a variety of genres and shouldn’t be afraid of mixing things up on the next record! Why not release a garage track? Maybe a country style song? She has the talent and ability so why not use it?

I’m hoping her fifth album will be genre-less, it’s 2016 why should any artist pigeon hole themselves? Why not create a great album filled with great music. Let’s forget about saying this is a pop album, this is a RnB LP, and just focus on a great body of work.

If Cheryl and Craig David do work together I’m hoping that they perform together as a live performance featuring those two would be insane.

 If you have any new music tips for me please leave a comment below.