Hoping Shania Twain Announces UK Tour Dates Soon!

I am totally and utterly obsessed with Shania Twain’s new single ‘Life’s About To Get Good’ it is everything and so much more of what I could have wished for. It’s fun, uplifting, feelgood and just pure Shania.

And the track ‘Swingin With My Eyes Closed’ which she premiered during her concert for the Today Show is just insane. It’s so catchy and an instant classic. I am so beyond happy Shania Twain is back. She is the reason I became a country music fan so to have new music from her is just incredible.

I cannot wait for her new album ‘Now’ to drop on September 29th. It’s crazy to think I was just a little girl of 8 when she last released a studio album; ‘Up!’ which is just timeless and iconic, I am now 23, and still love every song Shania has ever released. She is a true music legend.

And now she has made her long awaited comeback, I’m hoping she will tour again. I know she said back in 2015 that her Rock This Country tour would be her last, but looking at her on stage at the moment she seems to be really enjoying being back up there and connecting with the audience. It’s great to see her looking so happy and relaxed while performing. So I’m hopeful she will announce tour details soon.

I’m particularly optimistic of a tour happening thanks to her website saying that anyone who pre-orders ‘Now’ will have first access to any upcoming tour tickets.  I’m hoping this means an announcement is due immanently.

I just hope this time she visits the UK. I think she will since she gave us the world exclusive first play of ‘Life’s About To Get Good’ via BBC Radio 2, and she’s performing at this years Radio 2 Festival In A Day in September. So it’s looking good for UK dates if she does tour.

I missed out on tickets to see her at Hyde Park at the Radio 2 festival which I am absolutely gutted about. It would be a dream to see one of my music icons live. Shania influenced my music taste so much, it would be incredible to see her perform in person.

Fingers crossed she announces plans for a 2018 tour very soon and includes lots of UK dates.

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DNCE Deserve to Win Best Single at the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards

I am beyond happy and proud that DNCE’s debut single ‘Cake By The Ocean’ has been nominated for ‘Best Single’ at this years BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards.

I am so glad that they are getting the recognition they deserve as the track is so fun and catchy, so I really hope they win.

They are up against some seriously tough competition tho, what with Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, and Drake all being nominated in the same category.

But I really hope that DNCE come out on top as ‘Cake By The Ocean’ is such a quirky and unique track.

The really deserve this award as they have come so far in one short year!

You can vote for ‘Cake By The Ocean’ to win ‘Best Single’ at the 2016 BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards by visiting the official voting website or by tweeting Radio 1 on Twitter with the hashtag #R1VoteDNCE. Voting closes on Saturday October 8th at 4pm.

The winner will be announced live on the Teen Awards show on Sunday October 23rd.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that DNCE win the award.

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Proud That Ward Thomas Are Performing at the Tribute Concert for Sir Terry Wogan

I am so proud that Ward Thomas will be performing at the special Children in Need tribute concert for the late, great Sir Terry Wogan!

Sir Terry was one of my all time favourite presenters, I just loved his sarcastic sense of humour. His death is a huge loss and he will be forever missed.

I am so glad that the BBC will honour his memory with the ‘BBC Children in Need Rocks for Sir Terry’ concert, which will take place at the Royal Albert Hall on November 1st.

And I am beyond proud that Ward Thomas will be performing at the concert alongside huge names such as; Take That, Olly Murs, and Ellie Goulding! The event is going to be very emotional and I am so happy that the girls will be a part of it.

Sir Terry Wogan met Catherine and Lizzy (Ward Thomas) back in 2014 on his BBC Radio 2 show, when they were promoting their debut album ‘From Where We Stand’, and since their interview with the legendary broadcaster, they have gone from strength to strength and earlier this month their second release ‘Cartwheels’ topped the album charts, making them the first ever UK country act to score a number 1 LP.

I am so proud that Wogan was a part of the girls’ success and I am sure he would be so proud of their huge successes this year.

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