Hoping Lady Antebellum Come to Cardiff as Part of Their World Tour

I am totally in love with the 70s inspired new single ‘You Look Good’ from the wonderful Lady Antebellum. The two-year wait for new music from the multi-Grammy award winning trio was well worth it.

Their new sound is incredible, and even though it is different to their previous releases it still manages to sound authentically Lady A.

I am also really excited for their seventh studio album ‘Heart Break’ which will be out on the 9th of June, and I’ve seen they have announced a World Tour which is wonderful news.

I’m hoping that they will finally head to Wales as part of their new tour, fingers crossed they add a Cardiff date.

It’s such a shame that so many international music stars overlook the capital of Wales when putting together a world tour. I’m hoping that Lady Antebellum don’t overlook the city again.

I would love to see them live, so a Cardiff gig would be amazing.

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Una Healy and Sam Palladio Sound So Good Together

Homegrown country music is really starting to find a home in the UK and I couldn’t be happier. But I was never expecting to fall in love with the former The Saturdays singer Una Healy’s voice, but her debut release ‘Stay My Love’ is beautiful.

The fact that her own stuff is so different to what she was creating when part of the group is fantastic, and proves how talented she really is. It would have been easy for her to carry on in the pop music genre but to do what she really loves and go back to her roots by releasing country/folk is amazing.

Her debut solo single ‘Stay My Love’ which features the star of US music drama Nashville Sam Palladio, is sublime. Their vocals sound so good together.

After one listen I quickly downloaded the track and I am having Una Healy’s debut album ‘The Waiting Game’ for my birthday. The LP is out on the 10th of February and my birthday is on the 14th.

I cannot wait to hear the full album and I am so excited that there is yet another homegrown country music artist on the scene.

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Getting So into Shawn Mendes’ Music

As it’s the New Year I was interested in finding some new artists to listen to, and I was searching on Google, Twitter, and HMV to find some singers I hadn’t previously heard of or hadn’t at least  heard many of their songs.

And while searching, Shawn Mendes’ new album ‘Illuminate’ popped up. I have listened to a few of his songs before such as ‘Stitches’, and ‘Treat You Better’, but I have usually listened to covers of the tracks rather than actually hearing Shawn sing them.

So, after seeing the LP pop up on my search, I opened up YouTube to search for some Shawn Mendes songs, and the first one I came across was his new single ‘Mercy’. And wow, that was all I really needed to listen to.

That song is incredible and his vocal ability is off the scale. For me he sounds kind of similar to Nick Jonas, who I love so that was a win, win.

Anyway, after watching a few more videos I decided to purchase, ‘Handwritten’, ‘Handwritten Revised’, and ‘Illuminate’, and boy am I glad I did. I have just finished listening to the three albums and I now consider myself a fully fledged Shawn Mendes fan.

For someone so young his writing ability is so mature, and his vocals are insane. I’m excited to hear more of his music in the future.

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So Excited For Shania Twain’s New Music

2017 has got off to an absolutely fantastic start where music is concerned! The reason why the year has started so well is the fact that the legendary Shania Twain has officially confirmed that her new music will be released this year (too excited)

She took to Twitter on New Years Day to confirm her exciting news; “Happy New Year! Thank you for all your continued support. So excited to share new music with you this year.
2017, i’m gonna getcha good” 

It’s hard to believe that it has been fifteen years since she released her last studio album ‘Up!’, I was only 8 years of age when that LP was released and it was around that time I started to get introduced to her music and over the years I started listening to her back catalogue and totally fell in love with her unique blend of country, rock, and pop music. She is a true icon of music and a trailblazer of mixing genres.

I am now 22, almost 23, and I cannot wait for Shania to release her fifth studio album and although it has been a very long time coming I know it is going to be well worth the wait.

There is still nobody quite like Shania Twain in the music industry and her wonderful writing talents have been sorely missed over the years.

Fingers crossed she releases the new LP very, very soon.

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My Top 4 Albums of 2016

With Christmas fast approaching and the New Year just around the corner I felt now would be a good time to countdown my top 4 albums that were released in 2016.

The past year has seen some absolute gems released from the likes of Little Mix, Olly Murs, Rolling Stones, and Emili Sande, but my personal favourite three albums of the year are as follows;

4: DNCE-Self Titled. 


After hearing tracks ‘Cake By The Ocean’, and ‘Toothbrush’ I was really excited for Joe Jonas’ rock/pop group DNCE to release their debut album, and I was not disappointed. The self-titled LP is full of fantastic tracks and is a great feel good album.

3: Charles Kelley-Driver.


I am a huge fan of Lady Antebellum and I am in love with lead singer Charles Kelley’s debut solo album ‘Driver’. It has a slightly different vibe to Lady A’s music and it’s not quite as country, but it is so good.

2: Nick Jonas-Last Year Was Complicated. 


I am in love with Nick Jonas’ album from this year. The LP is like a diary put to song and it is so personal and deep. I really think it deserved to be nominated for a Grammy award. Not only are Nick’s vocals insane but the depth of the songs are on another level.

1: Ward Thomas-Cartwheels.


My favourite album of 2016 is without doubt Ward Thomas’ record breaking number 1 release ‘Cartwheels’. The duo became the first ever British country act to score a number 1 LP in the official UK charts and it is no surprise that the record did so well. The girls’ vocal harmonies are off the scale and the songs are so beautifully written. It’s an easy pick for my number 1 album of 2016.

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Shania Twain and Nick Jonas Need to Collaborate

Seeing Nick Jonas presenting Shania Twain her Billboard Icon Award last night at the Women in Music ceremony has really made me want a Twain and Jonas collaboration even more.

I know that they really respect each others music and are both big fans of each other so it shouldn’t be that hard to set up and I know that Nick would jump at the chance to record with his first crush and idol, so I’m hoping it will happen soon.

I also really think that their vocals would sound insane together, we know that Nick can hit those high notes and he has sung country music before; Back in 2009 when he was still part of the Jonas Brothers the group covered Shania’s ‘Gonna Getcha Good’, and earlier this year he performed with Kelsea Ballerini at the ACM awards.

I think it would make for an extremely special song and if it was to happen would without doubt be a massive worldwide hit. I’m really hoping that they finally collab soon.

Fingers crossed they get into the studio soon.

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Selena Gomez Deserved a Grammy Nomination

I am really shocked and saddened that the wonderful Selena Gomez did not get nominated for a Grammy award once again. I mean seriously what has the girl got to do to be recognised and celebrated be music insiders and critics?

Her latest album ‘Revival’ really did deserve a nomination as not only does it have some absolute bangers such as ‘Good For You’ and ‘Me and My Girl’, it also has some amazing poignant and emotional songs such as ‘Revival’, ‘Survivors’, and the wonderfully inspirational ‘Kill Em With Kindness’.

I am kind of upset that she has been overlooked once again as I think she really deserves to at the very least be nominated for a Grammy award.

This album showed her musical and self growth and proved how talented she really is, I couldn’t be prouder of her.

I’m also really shocked that Nick Jonas also missed out as his ‘Last Year Was Complicated’ LP had Grammy award winning written all over it.

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So Excited for Reggie ‘N’ Bollie’s New Single

I absolutely adore Reggie ‘N’ Bollie, I think they are two of the sweetest guys and they are so dedicated and talented. I’m so glad Cheryl chose to put them through to the live shows during last years X Factor as I love supporting them on their musical journey.

I am so excited for their second single which is called ‘Link Up’ to be released next week. I really liked their debut track ‘New Girl’, and I am expecting this song to be even more of a banger (if that’s possible)

I also can’t wait for the official music video, and I’m hoping they will tour the UK next year and release their debut album.

Friday, December 9th can’t come soon enough. I cannot wait to hear ‘Link Up’ for the first time. I am so proud of the boys and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.

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A Ward Thomas and Carrie Underwood Collab Would be Awesome

I absolutely adore Ward Thomas’ music and I think their vocal harmonies are off the scale. Their voices just blend so perfectly together and it sounds so authentically Nashville that you forget that the girls are actually from Hampshire.

And because their vocals sound so authentically country I think they could collaborate with some amazing American country music stars, and one of those who I feel would be a perfect fit is the very talented Carrie Underwood.

I truly think that Catherine and Lizzy’s voices would sound amazing with Carrie’s. Plus they are all signed to the Sony music label so it shouldn’t be that hard of a task to set up a collab, especially as they are all fans of each-others music.

Back in October when Ward Thomas became the first ever British country act to top the UK album chart with their stunning ‘Cartwheels’ LP, Carrie Underwood was quick to congratulate the twin sisters on their incredible feat via a Facebook message. The sisters are also big fans of Underwood’s.

I really think that this could be a piece of amazing music history that would sound sublime. I’m hoping that they will all work together soon.

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Loving George Shelley’s ‘Soldier’

I am in love with George Shelley’s new release ‘Soldier’, the song has such a beautiful message about family love and it is something I can really relate what with coming from a large family. Family really is the strongest bond and something that should be truly celebrated.

I’m really glad that George has released this song as not only is it a really fantastic track it also has a fantastic message behind it, especially as his older brother is a serving soldier in the British Army.

I also really love the official music video as it is so simple yet visually beautiful. Showing childhood pictures of himself, and family through the years is really special and totally adorable.

I cannot wait for the next song to be released and for him to drop his debut album! His vocal ability is insane and I am so proud of him.

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