Selena Gomez’s Cover of ‘Only You’ is Sublime

I am totally in love with Selena Gomez’s stunning cover of ‘Only You’. Her version is so, so beautiful and her vocals are sounding better than ever. I really think she is gaining in confidence and is now starting to believe in herself as an artist which shows in her vocal range.

They way she sings with so much emotion is sublime and her voice is sounding so strong. I am also in awe of her new acoustic version of her hit track ‘Kill Em With Kindness’. I’ve always loved the original but this stripped back version totally outshines the more uptempo track that features on ‘Revival’.

For me this is the way the song should have always sounded. It’s such an inspiring and emotional song. The lyrics are very emotive and powerful and now with the acoustic version being released we can all really hear what Selena Gomez is saying. The way she sings the track with such raw emotion is so perfect for the lyrics.

It proves that she has a lot to say and that she truly wants to make a difference in this world through her music. It’s really perfect, and hopefully it will make a few people stop and think before they say something just to hurt somebody.

I am so proud of Selena for releasing these songs as it proves how much vocal and writing talent she has. She is a great artist and she deserves a lot of respect for the messages she is trying to spread.

If you have any music tips for me please leave a comment.

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