Getting So into Shawn Mendes’ Music

As it’s the New Year I was interested in finding some new artists to listen to, and I was searching on Google, Twitter, and HMV to find some singers I hadn’t previously heard of or hadn’t at least  heard many of their songs.

And while searching, Shawn Mendes’ new album ‘Illuminate’ popped up. I have listened to a few of his songs before such as ‘Stitches’, and ‘Treat You Better’, but I have usually listened to covers of the tracks rather than actually hearing Shawn sing them.

So, after seeing the LP pop up on my search, I opened up YouTube to search for some Shawn Mendes songs, and the first one I came across was his new single ‘Mercy’. And wow, that was all I really needed to listen to.

That song is incredible and his vocal ability is off the scale. For me he sounds kind of similar to Nick Jonas, who I love so that was a win, win.

Anyway, after watching a few more videos I decided to purchase, ‘Handwritten’, ‘Handwritten Revised’, and ‘Illuminate’, and boy am I glad I did. I have just finished listening to the three albums and I now consider myself a fully fledged Shawn Mendes fan.

For someone so young his writing ability is so mature, and his vocals are insane. I’m excited to hear more of his music in the future.

If you have any new music tips for me please leave a comment below.


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