A Ward Thomas and Carrie Underwood Collab Would be Awesome

I absolutely adore Ward Thomas’ music and I think their vocal harmonies are off the scale. Their voices just blend so perfectly together and it sounds so authentically Nashville that you forget that the girls are actually from Hampshire.

And because their vocals sound so authentically country I think they could collaborate with some amazing American country music stars, and one of those who I feel would be a perfect fit is the very talented Carrie Underwood.

I truly think that Catherine and Lizzy’s voices would sound amazing with Carrie’s. Plus they are all signed to the Sony music label so it shouldn’t be that hard of a task to set up a collab, especially as they are all fans of each-others music.

Back in October when Ward Thomas became the first ever British country act to top the UK album chart with their stunning ‘Cartwheels’ LP, Carrie Underwood was quick to congratulate the twin sisters on their incredible feat via a Facebook message. The sisters are also big fans of Underwood’s.

I really think that this could be a piece of amazing music history that would sound sublime. I’m hoping that they will all work together soon.

If you have any new music tips for me please leave a comment below.


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