Loving George Shelley’s ‘Soldier’

I am in love with George Shelley’s new release ‘Soldier’, the song has such a beautiful message about family love and it is something I can really relate what with coming from a large family. Family really is the strongest bond and something that should be truly celebrated.

I’m really glad that George has released this song as not only is it a really fantastic track it also has a fantastic message behind it, especially as his older brother is a serving soldier in the British Army.

I also really love the official music video as it is so simple yet visually beautiful. Showing childhood pictures of himself, and family through the years is really special and totally adorable.

I cannot wait for the next song to be released and for him to drop his debut album! His vocal ability is insane and I am so proud of him.

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George Shelley’s Debut Solo Single Is Amazing

Wow! George Shelley’s debut solo single ‘360’ is really incredible. His vocals are so strong and suit the rock vibe perfectly.

The style is worlds away from what he was making and releasing with Union J, and the new genre of laid back rock suits his voice so well.

I am also loving the official music video for the track, and I cannot wait to hear the next five songs over the next five weeks as I know I am going to love them all.

George’s vocals are so powerful he never really needed to be part of a group so going solo is the best thing that could have happened. ‘360’ is a really special song as I know it is very personal to George, and that really comes through in the lyrics. I am so proud of him and I can’t wait for his debut album.

I am so excited to see what the future holds for him because he has the talent to take him all the way.

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Loving Ward Thomas’ ‘Cartwheels’ Video

I am really enjoying the brand new music video from Ward Thomas. The clip for their new single ‘Cartwheels’ is simply stunning.

The concept is so simple yet tells a wonderful story, and Catherine and Lizzy’s vocals sound as incredible as ever.

The new video was shot around the city centre of London and shows the girls singing the track while they sit on stools in an all white room, and the camera pangs back and forth between Ward Thomas and the ballet dancers that feature in the stunning clip.

I really love how stripped back the concept is and it is really visually beautiful.

The ‘Cartwheels’ music video is probably my favourite from the girls so far!

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Excited About George Shelley’s New Project

I am so excited that George Shelley is now officially a solo artist! He was always my fave member of Union J, and I feel is vocal ability is strong enough to stand alone. He really doesn’t need to be in a band, his voice is strong enough on its own.

His GSOriginals project sounds fantastic and I love the fact that for the next six weeks he will be releasing a brand new song and video. I adored the snippet he posted of ‘Soldier’ so I can’t wait to hear it in full soon.

I’m also really proud that he has announced that he will be performing at Under The Bridge in London this December.

I can’t wait to see what the next few months and years has in store for George, as I truly believe he has the talent to become a world famous musician.

I cannot wait for the first music video to drop next Sunday as I just know it is going to be awesome.

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Excited to See Ward Thomas Again Next Year

Today I booked my tickets to see the sensationally talented Ward Thomas live next year in Cardiff!

This will be my second time seeing the girls, Catherine and Lizzy, live and I cannot wait.

The concert which is part of their 2017 Cartwheels Tour will take place on May 17th and I am so excited to see them performing live again and to hear their stunning vocal harmonies.

Ward Thomas really are the most talented band and I have totally fallen in love with their stunning vocals.

I am so happy that they announced this brand new tour as I absolutely loved seeing them live in October!

I’m also hoping that they may also perform a couple of new tracks during the 2017 tour.

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Can’t Wait For George Shelley’s Debut Album

I am so happy and excited that George Shelley’s solo career will be kicking off in less than one week!

The video he posted on Twitter of the symbols and the sound of a broken radio have made so excited as you can hear the faint sound of his beautiful vocals in the background and also the names of songs appear for a short time! I clearly saw the words ‘360’, and ‘Soldier’.

I am a big fan of Union J, but George has always been my favourite member so the fact that he is going solo has made me so happy. He is so sweet and talented and he deserves every little bit of success that comes his way.

I can’t wait for him to announce/release his debut solo album on the 13th of November as I just know it is going to be amazing.

He has so much talent and his vocals are insane!

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Excited For Sarah Darling’s New Music Video

I am so excited that the beautiful and super talented Sarah Darling is currently shooting the official music video for her stunning single ‘Where Cowboys Ride’.

The track is taken from Sarah’s upcoming album ‘Dream Country’ and I heard it for the first time when I saw her live at The Globe in Cardiff last month where she was supporting the insanely talented Ward Thomas.

It was the first time I had ever heard of Sarah Darling, and I instantly fell in love with her sweet vocals and likeable personalty, and ‘Where Cowboys Ride’ is absolutely stunning.

I am so excited for the music video which she is filming in the beautiful state of Wyoming, the photos she has posted on Twitter are gorgeous and it looks like the official video will be breathtaking.



I cannot wait for the ‘Where Cowboys Ride’ music video to be released, I just know I’m going to love it.

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Celebrating Two Yeas of Cheryl’s ‘I Don’t Care’ X Factor Performance

I cannot believe that today marks two whole years since Cheryl performed her record-breaking number 1 single ‘I Don’t Care’ on the live shows of The X Factor.

The performance is one of my all time favourite live performances from Cheryl, I just loved everything about it;  the staging, the lighting, Cheryl’s outfit, her hair, her sass, the dance breakdown, everything about it was fantastic.

And of course the track topped the charts making Cheryl the first British female to score five number 1 singles on the UK charts, so it’s even more special!

I couldn’t be prouder of her, and I just love seeing her up on stage as you can just tell she is in her element.

Hopefully next year she will release new music and make her long awaited return to the stage!

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