So Excited For ‘Trust Nobody’

I cannot wait for tomorrow! New Music Friday is going to be totally awesome.

The reason it is going to be so awesome is the fact that we are getting a brand new song from Selena Gomez! Granted it isn’t her actual single as she is only a feature artist but I am still so happy and excited to hear ‘Trust Nobody’.

The new song was produced by Cashmere Cat, and also features Tory, alongside Selena.

I have seen that there are snippets of the song circulating on Twitter after Cashmere Cat played a bit of it on his Snapchat, but I haven’t actually listened to the clips as I want it to be brand new tomorrow (It’s taking a lot of willpower).

And not only does New Music Friday feature a brand new single from Selena Gomez, it also features DNCE’s new single ‘Body Moves’, so I am doubly excited.

I cannot wait for tomorrow so I can finally listen to and download ‘Trust Nobody’, and ‘Body Moves’.

I just know both tracks are going to be totally amazing.

If you have any new music tips for me please leave a comment below.     


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