Need New Music From Omi

I loved OMI’s huge 2014 hit ‘Cheerleader’, it was without doubt the song of the summer! It was played everywhere and nobody could get enough of it.

I also loved the follow up singles ‘Hula Hoop’ and ‘Drop in the Ocean’, I think he has a really unique tone to his voice and I just adore the reggae vibe he brings to all his tracks.

His album ‘Me 4 U’ was also really great and features some absolute gems such as the slow jam ‘These Are the Days’ and the title track ‘Me 4 U’, these songs prove that OMI can actually sing.

But it has been two whole years since the release of this fantastic music and we have yet to have any new tunes from the talented star, and I am getting really impatient.

I love his infectious, feel good music and I am desperate for another album from him.

I’m hoping that since he has been super busy this past year touring that he will have the time next year to work on and release new music!

I cannot wait to have more of his songs on my playlists.

If you have any new music tips for me please leave a comment below.    


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