Can’t Wait For DNCE’s New Single ‘Body Moves’

I cannot wait for DNCE’s new single ‘Body Moves’! The cover art for the first track to be taken off their upcoming debut album ‘DNCE’ looks pretty steamy so I’m expecting a lot of sexy lyrics.

I have not heard ‘Body Moves’ yet so I’m excited to finally listen to the song when it’s released next week!

I  have fallen in love with the quirky rock/pop sound of DNCE and I just adore Joe Jonas’ vocals so I know I am going to be obsessed with ‘Body Moves’ when it drops.

I love their EP ‘SWAAY’ and I cannot wait for their self-titled debut album which is released on November 18th. I just know it is going to be absolutely fantastic.

I’m also really excited for the music video for ‘Body Moves’ as I love the the videos for ‘Cake By The Ocean’ and ‘Toothbrush’, but I think this new clip will be on another level.

I am so glad Joe Jonas decided to put together this band as I think him, Cole Whittle, Jack Lawless and JinJoo make an incredible foursome and their music is truly unique.

I can’t wait to download ‘Body Moves’ on September 30th.

If you have any new music tips for me please leave a comment below.    


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