Loving Ward Thomas’ Live Version of ‘Safe’

WOW! Just when I thought I couldn’t love Ward Thomas more, they go and release an absolutely stunning live version of their brilliant album track ‘Safe’.

The song is one of my favourites off the ‘Cartwheels’ album as I love the melody and the message is fantastic, but their live performance catapults the stunning track to a whole new level.

Ward Thomas’ vocals are so beautiful and the way the perform ‘Safe’ live makes my spine tingle.

After watching/listening to yet another live track from the girls I am even more excited to see them live for the first time next month! I just know that they are going to put on a fantastic show and what with it being in an intimate setting their gorgeous vocals are going to sound even better.

I cannot wait to see them perform ‘Boomerang’ as that is one of my all time fave tracks of theirs and I adore ‘Carry You Home’, I am so happy that they are going to perform the whole of the ‘Cartwheels’ album as it is a masterpiece of an LP and deserves to be showcased.

I hope they release more live performances soon as I love their voices.

If you have any new music tips for me please leave a comment below.    




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