Love the Artwork for ‘I Ain’t Missing You’

I really love the official artwork for Aston Merrygold’s upcoming new single ‘I Ain’t Missing You’! It’s fun, quirky and unique and really stands out.

Plus it’s a fun take on people calling Aston by the wrong name which is kinda cute.

I really like the song as his vocals sound insane on the record and the video looks really cool so I’m excited for the official release of the track and also to be able to watch the full music video.

I’m hoping that this single will be his real breakout track that puts him at the forefront of music after the split of JLS.

I loved his debut single ‘Get Stupid’, but ‘I Ain’t Missing You’ is in a league of its own and puts his debut release in the shade!

I cannot wait until I am able to download the track as it will be on repeat for days. I just love his voice.

I am also really excited for his debut album ‘Showstopper’ which I’m hoping will be released in early 2017.

Aston has the talent so now he just needs the backing and then he can become one of the UK’s most successful artists.

If you have any new music tips for me please leave a comment below.   


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