Shania Twain and Lady Antebellum Need to Collaborate

I am a huge fan of country music and I absolutely love Shania Twain and Lady Antebellum, so one of my dream collaborations without doubt would be Shania Twain Feat. Lady Antebellum!

Considering both have broken and made countless records with their music a collab would be a massive hit around the world, and Lady Antebellum are big fans of Shania’s, they even regularly cover her huge number 1 hit single ‘Any Man of Mine’ on tour, and Twain is a also a big fan of theirs.

During her Las Vegas residency Shania Twain even invited Lady A backstage along with another country music band Little Big Town.

Shania-Twain (1).jpg

And during the 2013 ACM awards Hillary Scott (Lady Antebellum) met up with Twain backstage!


All of this proves that there is genuine love and respect between the musicians so a collaboration would definitely work.

The fact that both Lady Antebellum and Shania Twain are recording new albums means that there has never been a better time to make a collab happen!

They could even perform together at the 50th CMA awards in November (now that would be special).

Hopefully we will have a new track featuring Shania Twain and Lady Antebellum in the near future.

If you have any new music tips for me please leave a comment below.  



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