So Excited For DNCE’s Debut Album in November

I am so, so excited that my new favourite band DNCE have announced the official release date for their debut album! The four-piece mixed sex band fronted by Joe Jonas have announced that their self-titled LP will be dropping on November 18th.

The US pop-rock group have also unveiled the official artwork for the album:


The LP was originally going to be released in October but I guess they have decided to push it back until November (I don’t mind, more time to get the money for it, haha)

I couldn’t be more excited for the album’s release if I tried! I am in love with their EP ‘SWAAY’ and I absolutely love ‘Cake By The Ocean’ and ‘Jinx’ so I am really, really looking forward to hearing the music on the new record, especially since Joe said it will feature “beach vibes”.

I cannot wait to find out the full album tracklist as well and I really hope they announce a UK tour soon, I would really love to see them live.

I’m hoping that along with the uptempo tracks there will also be some chilled out ballads as I adore Joe Jonas’ vocals and when he performs a slow song his voice sounds fantastic.

I’m so happy we now have an official release date for their debut album as they are so fantastic and I just love their music.

If you have any new music tips for me please leave a comment below. 



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