Loving DNCE’s ‘Body Moves’

I am totally obsessed with DNCE’s brand new single ‘Body Moves’! It’s everything I could have wished for and so much more.

The chilled out soft rock 70s vibes are awesome and Joe Jonas’ vocals are on point.

I think this is their most true-to-themselves song and I really think this is the sort of sound that the rest of the album will have.

It’s a really cool track and cements DNCE as the best rock/pop group at the moment! I just love their quirky lyrics and unique sound and I cannot wait for their self-titled debut LP which is out on November 18th.

I think ‘Body Moves’ is my favourite song from DNCE so far! I just love everything about it.

I am so excited to see what the future holds for them and I hope they go on tour soon as I would love to see them perform live.

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So Excited For ‘Trust Nobody’

I cannot wait for tomorrow! New Music Friday is going to be totally awesome.

The reason it is going to be so awesome is the fact that we are getting a brand new song from Selena Gomez! Granted it isn’t her actual single as she is only a feature artist but I am still so happy and excited to hear ‘Trust Nobody’.

The new song was produced by Cashmere Cat, and also features Tory, alongside Selena.

I have seen that there are snippets of the song circulating on Twitter after Cashmere Cat played a bit of it on his Snapchat, but I haven’t actually listened to the clips as I want it to be brand new tomorrow (It’s taking a lot of willpower).

And not only does New Music Friday feature a brand new single from Selena Gomez, it also features DNCE’s new single ‘Body Moves’, so I am doubly excited.

I cannot wait for tomorrow so I can finally listen to and download ‘Trust Nobody’, and ‘Body Moves’.

I just know both tracks are going to be totally amazing.

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So Happy New Lady Antebellum Music is Coming Soon

I am so happy and excited that new Lady Antebellum music seems closer than ever! Judging by their recent Instagram and Twitter posts it looks like the country music trio will be dropping new tunes before the end of the year.

Since the beginning of September, Charles Kelley, Dave Haywood, and Hillary Scott have been locked in the recording studio making new music for Lady Antebellum!

They last released and album back in 2014-the brilliant ‘747’-so after two years of having no new music from the country music stars I cannot wait to hear their latest stuff.

I’m hoping that they may perform a new song at this years CMA Awards, considering that they are nominated for an award and also took part in the ‘Forever Country’ music video it looks like they have been heavily involved in the 50th anniversary celebrations so it would make perfect sense for them to debut a brand new track at the award show in November.

It would be the perfect time and place to drop a new single and the promotion would be insane off the back of a live performance at the 50th CMA Awards.

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Proud That Ward Thomas Are Performing at the Tribute Concert for Sir Terry Wogan

I am so proud that Ward Thomas will be performing at the special Children in Need tribute concert for the late, great Sir Terry Wogan!

Sir Terry was one of my all time favourite presenters, I just loved his sarcastic sense of humour. His death is a huge loss and he will be forever missed.

I am so glad that the BBC will honour his memory with the ‘BBC Children in Need Rocks for Sir Terry’ concert, which will take place at the Royal Albert Hall on November 1st.

And I am beyond proud that Ward Thomas will be performing at the concert alongside huge names such as; Take That, Olly Murs, and Ellie Goulding! The event is going to be very emotional and I am so happy that the girls will be a part of it.

Sir Terry Wogan met Catherine and Lizzy (Ward Thomas) back in 2014 on his BBC Radio 2 show, when they were promoting their debut album ‘From Where We Stand’, and since their interview with the legendary broadcaster, they have gone from strength to strength and earlier this month their second release ‘Cartwheels’ topped the album charts, making them the first ever UK country act to score a number 1 LP.

I am so proud that Wogan was a part of the girls’ success and I am sure he would be so proud of their huge successes this year.

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Excited That Union J Will Be Performing Covers Soon

I am super excited about the new Union J lineup and I cannot wait to hear their new music and find out what direction they are taking their music in.

I am also really excited that the boys will be performing covers soon! Band member Josh Cuthbert confirmed on Twitter yesterday that Union J will be filming some covers soon.

I can’t wait to find out what songs they have chosen. I would love to hear them perform Aston Merrygold’s brilliant new single ‘I Ain’t Missing You’, DNCE’s super fun ‘Cake By The Ocean’ and also Nick Jonas’ gorgeous track from his latest album ‘Last Year Was Complicated’, ‘Unhinged’.

I think it would be a really cool idea for them to cover DNCE’s brilliant ‘Cake By The Ocean’ as it is such a fun song. And I would love them to cover Aston Merrygold’s ‘I Ain’t Missing You’ as I think the garage vibe would suit them. But my absolute fave cover I would love to see them perform is Nick Jonas’ stunning song ‘Unhinged’ I think their vocals would sound incredible on this gorgeous track.

I can’t wait to hear what songs they have decided to cover as I know I will love their versions.

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Need New Music From Omi

I loved OMI’s huge 2014 hit ‘Cheerleader’, it was without doubt the song of the summer! It was played everywhere and nobody could get enough of it.

I also loved the follow up singles ‘Hula Hoop’ and ‘Drop in the Ocean’, I think he has a really unique tone to his voice and I just adore the reggae vibe he brings to all his tracks.

His album ‘Me 4 U’ was also really great and features some absolute gems such as the slow jam ‘These Are the Days’ and the title track ‘Me 4 U’, these songs prove that OMI can actually sing.

But it has been two whole years since the release of this fantastic music and we have yet to have any new tunes from the talented star, and I am getting really impatient.

I love his infectious, feel good music and I am desperate for another album from him.

I’m hoping that since he has been super busy this past year touring that he will have the time next year to work on and release new music!

I cannot wait to have more of his songs on my playlists.

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Can’t Wait For DNCE’s New Single ‘Body Moves’

I cannot wait for DNCE’s new single ‘Body Moves’! The cover art for the first track to be taken off their upcoming debut album ‘DNCE’ looks pretty steamy so I’m expecting a lot of sexy lyrics.

I have not heard ‘Body Moves’ yet so I’m excited to finally listen to the song when it’s released next week!

I  have fallen in love with the quirky rock/pop sound of DNCE and I just adore Joe Jonas’ vocals so I know I am going to be obsessed with ‘Body Moves’ when it drops.

I love their EP ‘SWAAY’ and I cannot wait for their self-titled debut album which is released on November 18th. I just know it is going to be absolutely fantastic.

I’m also really excited for the music video for ‘Body Moves’ as I love the the videos for ‘Cake By The Ocean’ and ‘Toothbrush’, but I think this new clip will be on another level.

I am so glad Joe Jonas decided to put together this band as I think him, Cole Whittle, Jack Lawless and JinJoo make an incredible foursome and their music is truly unique.

I can’t wait to download ‘Body Moves’ on September 30th.

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Loving Ward Thomas’ Live Version of ‘Safe’

WOW! Just when I thought I couldn’t love Ward Thomas more, they go and release an absolutely stunning live version of their brilliant album track ‘Safe’.

The song is one of my favourites off the ‘Cartwheels’ album as I love the melody and the message is fantastic, but their live performance catapults the stunning track to a whole new level.

Ward Thomas’ vocals are so beautiful and the way the perform ‘Safe’ live makes my spine tingle.

After watching/listening to yet another live track from the girls I am even more excited to see them live for the first time next month! I just know that they are going to put on a fantastic show and what with it being in an intimate setting their gorgeous vocals are going to sound even better.

I cannot wait to see them perform ‘Boomerang’ as that is one of my all time fave tracks of theirs and I adore ‘Carry You Home’, I am so happy that they are going to perform the whole of the ‘Cartwheels’ album as it is a masterpiece of an LP and deserves to be showcased.

I hope they release more live performances soon as I love their voices.

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10 Years of High School Musical

WOW! Doesn’t time fly? How has it been ten years since the first High School Musical movie premiered on the Disney Channel in the UK? I cannot believe I was only 12 when the film got released.

Ten years on and I am not ashamed to say I still love the music from all three of the High School Musical movies (who doesn’t?).

I think there will always be a close connection between me and the music from High School Musical as like a lot of people around my age the movies are synonymous with our childhoods. The music from these movies makes you feel safe and happy.

The first one in particular will always hold a special place in my heart as it was the film that reignited my love for music and for that I will always be grateful.

The HSM soundtracks are some of my favourite albums and I adore Zac Efron’s voice (he needs to release an album).

I know that there is set to be a High School Musical 4 coming out but I don’t think it will be the same without any of the original cast! Those six people made the original franchise special and it shouldn’t really be messed with.

Whereas if they waited until 2018 they could possibly release High School Musical 4: The Reunion, which would catch up with Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, Ryan, Chad, and Taylor and see how their lives have turned out since they left College! I think that would be really special for the original fanbase and would without doubt be a worlwide smash hit.

Anyway, today is a celebration of everything great about the first High School Musical movie, so have fun and enjoy the music! And remember “once a Wildcat. always a Wildcat”. 

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Cheryl Feat. Reggie ‘N’ Bollie Needs to Happen

I don’t think I can wait much longer for a Cheryl Feat. Reggie ‘N’ Bollie track to drop.

I fell in love with Reggie ‘N’ Bollie when they were on the X Factor in 2015 where they were mentored by my absolute fave Cheryl, and ever since she jumped up on stage to perform the Azonto with them I have been craving a collab!

The boys have confirmed that a collaboration with their former mentor and now good friend is very much on the cards and that they are just trying to find the “right song” but I am getting so impatient to hear any song they release together.

RnB’s debut single ‘New Girl’ was a banger and I just know that any song featuring Cheryl will be massive and I cannot wait to hear the vibe they go for!

I know that the boys and Chezza are both working on new albums at the moment so I’m hoping that they will be able to sync their busy schedules soon and make this guaranteed tune happen.

Reggie ‘N’ Bollie are such great guys and I just love them and their relationship with Cheryl is just too cute, so any collab between them would have so much chemistry making the track even better.

I’m hopeful that the song will be released sometime in 2017 (too excited).

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