Loving Ward Thomas’ ‘Stitches’ Cover

Is there anything Ward Thomas can’t do? The short answer is no.

The twin sisters Catherine and Lizzy have just released their fantastic cover version of Shawn Mendes’ massive hit single ‘Stitches’ and I am absolutely loving it.

These girls are currently turning everything they touch into gold and their latest Snug Session for their cover of ‘Stitches’ is no different.

The way their country tones blend into the pop chorus is fantastic and proves just how versatile they are.

I’m not gonna lie I would love for them to release their version as a single and I’m hoping that they perform it on their upcoming tour (I’m counting down the days until I see them live).

I am so proud of Ward Thomas and how far they have come, their latest singles ‘Carry You Home’, and ‘Guilty Flowers’ are performing so well on the country charts (both were number 1 hits), and their upcoming second album ‘Cartwheels’ is currently on the best selling list on Amazon-proving that they have a huge following.

I am expecting big things from the LP and I think it could be quite a big crossover hit! Perhaps charting in the top 20.

The future is looking brighter and brighter for my new music obsessions and I can’t wait to be a part of their exciting journey.

If you have any new music tips for me please leave a comment below. 


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