Hoping Shania Twain Announces UK Tour Dates Soon!

I am totally and utterly obsessed with Shania Twain’s new single ‘Life’s About To Get Good’ it is everything and so much more of what I could have wished for. It’s fun, uplifting, feelgood and just pure Shania.

And the track ‘Swingin With My Eyes Closed’ which she premiered during her concert for the Today Show is just insane. It’s so catchy and an instant classic. I am so beyond happy Shania Twain is back. She is the reason I became a country music fan so to have new music from her is just incredible.

I cannot wait for her new album ‘Now’ to drop on September 29th. It’s crazy to think I was just a little girl of 8 when she last released a studio album; ‘Up!’ which is just timeless and iconic, I am now 23, and still love every song Shania has ever released. She is a true music legend.

And now she has made her long awaited comeback, I’m hoping she will tour again. I know she said back in 2015 that her Rock This Country tour would be her last, but looking at her on stage at the moment she seems to be really enjoying being back up there and connecting with the audience. It’s great to see her looking so happy and relaxed while performing. So I’m hopeful she will announce tour details soon.

I’m particularly optimistic of a tour happening thanks to her website saying that anyone who pre-orders ‘Now’ will have first access to any upcoming tour tickets.  I’m hoping this means an announcement is due immanently.

I just hope this time she visits the UK. I think she will since she gave us the world exclusive first play of ‘Life’s About To Get Good’ via BBC Radio 2, and she’s performing at this years Radio 2 Festival In A Day in September. So it’s looking good for UK dates if she does tour.

I missed out on tickets to see her at Hyde Park at the Radio 2 festival which I am absolutely gutted about. It would be a dream to see one of my music icons live. Shania influenced my music taste so much, it would be incredible to see her perform in person.

Fingers crossed she announces plans for a 2018 tour very soon and includes lots of UK dates.

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Live Gigs Are The Best!

For me nothing can beat the feeling of seeing your favourite band/singer live and in person. Seeing them in the flesh singing the songs you love is something really special.

Don’t get me wrong I love listening to CD’s and downloads but seriously nothing will ever feel better or more exciting than going to a live gig. From the start of the day the excitement builds.

What am I going to wear? How early should I start queuing,? What merch should I buy? Will they sing my favourite song? Will they premiere any new materiel? It’s all so exhilarating.

Over the years I have been lucky enough to see some amazing singer’s and band’s live. I’ve witnessed Cheryl at a sold-out O2 Arena in London, Girls Aloud at the same venue, Joe McElderry at St David’s Hall in Cardiff, Ward Thomas at The Globe in Cardiff, two X Factor gigs at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff, Union J at the same venue and also at The Glee Club in Cardiff, I have seen Little Mix, JLS and more at the Pontypridd’s Big Weekend Festival in the park. Every single concert I have been to holds a special place in my heart and I always love booking new events.

Tonight I am going to see Ward Thomas for the second time in Cardiff and I am so excited. They are amazing live and their harmonies are spine tingling.  And I am also going to see Lady Antebellum in Birmingham for the first time ever this October.

For me there is nothing more exciting or entertaining than going to a live gig.

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Shania Twain is the Reason I am a Country Music Fan

I am so, so happy today because Shania Twain is officially back. The fact that she premiered her brilliant new single ‘Life’s About To Get Good’ during her incredible Stagecoach Festival set last night has made my week.

She is without doubt the reason I am a huge country music fan today. I was introduced to her music when I was around 8-years-old which is about the time she released her last album ‘Up!’, by my older brothers.

Since then I have been attached to the genre and now support a host of country stars including the likes of Ward Thomas,  Lady Antebellum, Kevin McGuire, Sarah Darling, and Una Healy.  But Shania is the only reason I got into country in the first place and I am forever thankful to her for that.

I think it’s the same for a lot of people in my age group as she made the genre accessible and fun to young people, with super catchy pop crossover hits such as ‘I’m Gonna Getcha Good’ and ‘Ka-Ching!’. And now her new single ‘Life’s About To Get Good’ will introduce a whole host of young kids the genre.

I am over the moon she is officially back and you can just tell she has fallen back in love with making music and performing live again. I just hope she announces a world tour soon which includes a London or preferably Cardiff date as it would be a dream to see her live.

Shania Twain is a true icon of music and she has inspired so many country and pop singers around the world and opened the genre to fans from everywhere to fall in love with country. She is just incredible.

I am so excited for her new album to drop this September. Shania Twain is back and sounding better than ever.

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Aston Merrygold Has Found His Sound With New Single ‘Precious’

Today former JLS frontman Aston Merrygold released the official music video for his latest single ‘Precious’. The video is visually stunning, showing Aston on the beach with his girlfriend.

But it is the song that really stands out. It has a sound that suits Merrygold down to the ground. It has smooth RnB tones, Hip-Hop vibes and a rap verse from Shy Carter. It is the perfect combination and really shows the musical growth of Aston Merrygold.

This is the type of music that his voice really suits and I really hope he continues with this style. ‘Precious’ could turn out to be his biggest hit to date. It has a great summer vibe and is radio friendly.

Hopefully it will get playlisted on radio stations such as Capital FM and Radio 1 as it deserves to be heard. It’s a really great song and definitively Aston’s best ever release.

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Selena Gomez’s Cover of ‘Only You’ is Sublime

I am totally in love with Selena Gomez’s stunning cover of ‘Only You’. Her version is so, so beautiful and her vocals are sounding better than ever. I really think she is gaining in confidence and is now starting to believe in herself as an artist which shows in her vocal range.

They way she sings with so much emotion is sublime and her voice is sounding so strong. I am also in awe of her new acoustic version of her hit track ‘Kill Em With Kindness’. I’ve always loved the original but this stripped back version totally outshines the more uptempo track that features on ‘Revival’.

For me this is the way the song should have always sounded. It’s such an inspiring and emotional song. The lyrics are very emotive and powerful and now with the acoustic version being released we can all really hear what Selena Gomez is saying. The way she sings the track with such raw emotion is so perfect for the lyrics.

It proves that she has a lot to say and that she truly wants to make a difference in this world through her music. It’s really perfect, and hopefully it will make a few people stop and think before they say something just to hurt somebody.

I am so proud of Selena for releasing these songs as it proves how much vocal and writing talent she has. She is a great artist and she deserves a lot of respect for the messages she is trying to spread.

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One to Watch: Kevin McGuire

I have totally fallen in love with Scottish born country music singer Kevin McGuire’s vocals. I only discovered his music this week after being sent his new EP ‘Foreign Country’ to review. The new record comes out April 7th.

After listening to to the EP I was left totally captivated by his stunning vocal range. Since listening to ‘Foreign Country’ I have downloaded his two previous singles ‘3am’, and ‘Everything’, and I am blown away by both.

You would never guess Kevin is from Scotland his voice sounds so authentically country you would swear he hails from Nashville. I have also had the pleasure of interviewing him and I’m glad to say he comes across as a really nice bloke.

I am really excited to see what 2017 has in store for him, he really does have the talent to go all the way. I’m hoping he will become one of the main faces of UK country because his voice really does deserve to be heard all over the world.

Make sure you go check out Kevin McGuire, I promise you will love him.

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The Countdown For New Shania Twain Music Is On

Finally after a six-year wait, Shania Twain will  be releasing a brand new single this March. And being just one day away from that month is making me very excited. We can expect the official announcement any day now!

It’s incredible that this will be her first single since 2011’s brilliant ‘Today Is Your Day’, and her new album in May which by the way I think should be called ‘Dark Inspiration’ will be her first since the 2002 monster hit ‘Up!’.

I was only 8 when that album was released and I am now 23, and an absolutely massive fan of Shania Twain. I think the fact that she has gained fans since being away is a testament to the amazing records she has made over the years.

I am so excited that we are now only weeks away from hearing brand new music from the Queen of Country. Its been too long and her return to the music industry is very welcome.

I cannot wait to hear the tracks ‘Who’s Gonna Be Your Girl’, Swinging With My Eyes Closed’ and ‘We Got Something They Don’t’. I just know that her new stuff is going to be incredible and very much worth the 15-year wait.

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So Kind Of Aston Merrygold to Release Free Song

People often think that celebrities such as music artists are selfish and are only in the business to make money. But for nearly every single singer out there that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Most artists only release music for the love of doing so. They write, release and perform these songs for the huge sense of love and pride it gives them and their fans.

Take Aston Merrygold for instance, today he released a totally free single download in celebration of his 29th birthday.

The song is titled ‘The Favourite’, and it is awesome! How kind of him to acknowledge his loyal fans by treating them to a brand new song that costs us no money to download and listen to.

It’s a truly kind  gesture and it makes Aston even more likeable.

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Celebrating 22 Years of ‘The Woman In Me’

I seriously cannot believe it has been 22 years since Shania Twain released her huge worldwide hit album ‘The Woman In Me’. I was one week away from my very 1st birthday when the LP was released! So crazy that I am now a loyal and dedicated fan of Shania’s.

‘The Woman In Me’ was Twain’s second album and her breakout hit. It transcended from country into pop/rock and broke down every barrier put in place.

If this album was not created by Shania and then husband Robert ‘Mutt’ Lange so many country/pop artists such as Taylor Swift would not have been given the time to create real music that is timeless.

With this album Shania Twain proved that you don’t need to pigeon hole your music into one specific music genre to be a success. To become a true icon you need to stay true to what you love and in the end you will create magic.

And magic is what Shania created with this timeless collection of hits; songs such ‘Any Man Of Mine’, and ‘Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under’ still resonate with listeners now.

Shania Twain is a true legend of music.

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Sarah Darling’s Video For ‘Halley’s Comet’ Is Magical

Since I saw US country singer Sarah Darling live last year at The Globe in Cardiff where she was supporting the sublime Ward Thomas, I have totally fallen in love with her super sweet vocals.

Her new album ‘Dream Country’ will be released on the 10th of February and I cannot wait to hear all the tracks. Her voice is just so soothing and melodically pleasing.

And I am totally in awe of the official music video for the stunning single ‘Halley’s Comet’. The fact that the clip is animated gives it a real magical feeling. It’s super sweet and the track is very inspirational.

I’m hoping she will announce a full UK tour soon as I would love to see her live again.

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